Technology’s Changing Our Lives in These Challenging Times

I absolutely don’t apperceive what has become of my admired Garden City! The adorable and abundant greenery has been rudely replaced by aerial adhesive blocks or ablaze bottle covered buildings. While the area and parks accept fabricated way for some adventitious apartments blocks that are meant to abode the abundant millions who assemblage to this already pensioner’s paradise for work. That aside, the lakes and ponds accept all broiled up too, and accept been replaced by barren decay land, or any amount of the ahead mentioned accurate monstrosities. It was all awfully afflictive and so disappointing!

Furthermore, the air-conditioned and activation altitude has died absolutely an aberrant afterlife too! Gone are the affable summers, the appropriate and ambulatory cloudburst season, or even the air-conditioned and aesthetic winters. Now, added than ever, the city-limits seems to be affective appear one akin season, with some atomic variations that ambit from artlessly getting hot, hotter or hottest. To accomplish affairs worse, the cartage and basement arena is an complete daydream in Bangalore City-limits too. While the pollution, dust and smoke alone seeks to aggravate the problem. I accusation planning or the abridgement thereof for this a lot of abhorrent situation, and try as we might, I abhorrence this just may be irredeemable, accustomed the present circumstances. If I were you, I’d brace myself, for things are acceptable to get worse, fast. So abundant so, I alarming dispatch out of the abode at any time of the day or night.

On a added optimistic note, it’s abundant that our lifestyles accept been adored by some absolutely admirable technology! This technology touches our lives every day and makes a huge difference. In abundant the aforementioned vein, acknowledgment to the complete wonders of the internet, you don’t accept to go through the amphibiology of traveling to the appointment every day, if you can artlessly get your plan done at home. Moreover, you can even abundance your plan on one of the latest pen drives at the office, alone to appear home and abide working! Now, acknowledgment to something as little as a pen drive, I for one don’t charge to appearance up at the appointment every individual plan day!

This brings me accurately to the next point I’d like to accomplish – arcade online. Now, acknowledgment to the abounding e-commerce sites, arcade is a breeze, and doesn’t absorb accepting to go out of the abode just to buy something in that abhorrent heat, dust and pollution. Now, you can artlessly adjustment annihilation from jotter and appointment supplies, to groceries, clothes, appearance accessories, technology, as able-bodied as accessories such as gaming consoles, computers, laptops, phones, tablets and even pen drives online. In fact, that’s absolutely how I acquired the latest pen drive for myself! Besides, now that my son is bugging me for one of the latest pen drives too, I’m abiding as heck traveling to adjustment one for him from one of these e-retailers as well.

That aside, the internet aswell allows us to pay our buzz bills, our ISP bills and so abounding added things online, giving us addition acumen to never leave the abundance of our home anytime again. Besides this, a lot of cyberbanking things can be done online as well, and I frequently use it to alteration funds from the abundance of my favourite armchair at home. To top it all off, accustomed the actuality that we accept all the ball we charge appropriate at our fingertips, we never accept to blitz off to the cinema to watch the latest movies! Now, isn’t the internet absolutely something?